Saturday, June 1, 2013

Redmine A1 theme "Issues coloring acc. to Priority" broken [fixed]

We love Redmine, and we like the A1 theme, among the rest of. But we've faced an issue with Issues coloring (acc. to Priority) broken in fresh versions of Redmine (Redmine version 2.3.1.stable, at least, but people have been reporting similar issues for a long time already, e.g. yet in Redmine 2.1.2).

The actual A1 theme is wonderful (thanks to Kirill Bezrukov @ RedmineCRM), but Redmine has changed their default enumerations (those seeded with the corresponding rake task from Redmine), specifially and at least - the actual "Issue priorities" enumeration (it's IDs have been changed), that is now looking like:
So having forked the original A1 from (v1.1.1 at that moment), we had to amend the coloring, and this is how our fixed A1 theme colors the Issues listing on Redmine version 2.3.1.stable now:

For those suffered from this "issues coloring acc. to priority" broken in Redmine's Issues listing as of Redmine versions 2.1.2-2.3.1, at least: