Monday, July 15, 2013

Sierra w802s (Overdrive PRO 3G/4G) Mobile Hotspot firmware update [patched, "no update"]

So, what we have:
  • Sierra w802s (Overdrive PRO 3G/4G) Mobile Hotspot ("Sprint"-unlocked)

What we need:
  • update its firmware to 802s_patched_firmware_new_no_update.bin with the aim to:
    • stabilize its connection by getting rid of "disconnecting..."-related issues, hang-ups;
    • get rid of the issue with reconnection unability until its battery gets re-inserted;
    • and of course, avoid those insistent suggestions to upgrade firmware finally resulting into the device workability loss at all, in our case;
  • avoid "The update cannot proceed. There is a SKU version mismatch." error while updating.

Steps to go:
  • download this firmware (link above);
  • open it with any text editor, find "sku:" inside, copy it somewhere (e.g. clipboard):

  • export router settings:

  • you get "cfg.txt" this way - open this file using any text editor, find "eagle_sku" parameter, and update its value to the one we copied above ("1453010" in our case), save the file:
  • import this configuration file back into the device:

  • and now you get the ability to finally update the actual firmware:

  • the update gets started, you'll see its progress on the device's screen, and the whole process is going to take several minutes. The device gets rebooted then, and Yahooo! - you get it working with the new soft inside, no that boring "disconnecting..." constantly, no suggestions to "update your firmware" that might lead to disfunction, etc. You're all done.

To those exhausted with "SKU version mismatch" :)
Hope it helps,
Kind regards,..

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